In modern Mould Making technology the trend continues towards
higher availability with more flexibility.
In order to position ourselves as a leader in technology
and offer our customers the highest standards in quality and
precision we have recently purchased three specialized machines.


In November 2001 we purchased the Roboform 35P with a
16 piece tool changer. This made East End Moulds an
around-the-clock working shop. This machine has allowed us
to increase our EDM Sinking time dramatically.


In May 2001 we bought one of the first F1440 Charmilles
Wire EDM Machines in Canada. This machine is very
versatile and accurate. The machine is equipped with
Hirschmann Tooling so that we can go direct from
the Wire EDM to the Sink EDM or CNC Mill using the
same tool holder and saving valuable set-up time.


In May 2003 we acquired a high speed Milling Machine,
a Mikron HSM 400 with a 7-Pallet Changer Unit. Our plan
is to increase our electrode manufacturing so that we use
valuable EDM time to its maximum. Because of the 42,000rpm
Spindle, we are capable of cutting hardened tool steel.
Cores can be finished in this way right on the Milling Machine
and cavities can be machined closer to their finished sizes.
This all leads to further time savings and speed efficiency
which allows us to be competitive in the North American marketplace.

copyright 2003
East End Moulds